About Us


Ron Paxton is co-founder of Career Renaissance LLC and President of ExecsCoach LLC, and specializes in career and executive coaching. He has assisted managers and executives achieve mastery in their current careers, coached entrepreneurs in starting and building businesses, and helping clients achieve work/life balance and enhanced relationships.

Prior to his coaching and consulting career Ron spent 12 years with IBM as a strategic planner and IT manager. Those were the days when there were no layoffs at IBM (and many other large corporations could make the same claim), and there were relatively few people who left IBM of their own volition. Ron broke the "golden handcuffs" of a paternalistic company with lifetime employment, good pay and great benefits in order to satisfy his passion for running his own consulting practice and helping clients integrate people, business processes, and technology.

His experience in the consulting industry includes leadership of strategic management consulting practices with companies such as: Coopers & Lybrand (as Practice Manager), Computer Sciences Corporation (Principal), Unisys Corporation (Managing Principal), and Technology and Business Integrators (Vice President).

In 1997 Ron began working with a coach to help him achieve business success, and saw the value in working with a trained professional who helped him to achieve better work/life balance as well as career mastery - with no other agenda. During a life planning program he attended the leader asked the question "What do you love to do that you have done as an avocation that you could make your vocation?" That was the defining moment that triggered Ron's third major career change. He had for many years conducted self-development workshops at his church, with his only reward the gratitude of the people attending who improved their lives and careers. Having worked with a coach and knowing the difference a good coach can make, Ron decided to become a professional coach. For the past 10 years Ron has been helping professionals, managers, and executives discover their passion and live their dreams.

Ron has led leadership workshops, seminars and teleclasses and was an International Coach Federation Annual Conference featured speaker. Ron served as Vice President for Programs for the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development from 2002 - 2004. In 2004 he received the top award for service and contribution to the chapter. Ron is co-host of the Career Coaches Special Interest Group with more than 1000 members internationally and is the founder and host of the Information Technology Coaches Special Interest Group. Ron previously served as President of the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association, and currently leads special events designed to promote greater public awareness of coaching.

Ron graduated from Coach U after completing their Certified Coach Training Program and is a graduate of Landmark Education's Curriculum for Living Program. He is certified by Target Training International as a Professional Behavioral, Values, and Attributes Analyst and by The Center for Applied Cognitive Studies as a certified WorkPlace Big Five Personality Trait Profile and WorkPlace 360 degree Assessment Consultant. Ron has a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute and a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science from New York University.

Ron lives with his wife Nancy in Oakland, New Jersey. His daughter, Jill, is an actor and has had lead roles in off-Broadway musicals and was Jenny (the one that didn't have to undress) in the road company of Hair. Brad, his son, was lead guitar player in a band backed by Sony Records, and recently started his own band.


Ken Schuman is co-founder of Career Renaissance LLC and president of Life Transformations LLC, which specializes in assisting people with career and life transitions. Having previously earned an MBA from Columbia University, an MSW from Hunter College and certification as a Professional Behavior and Values Analyst, Ken has been well-trained for this work.

Ken began his career as administrator in several social service agencies. As Assistant Director of the Hudson Guild Neighbor House, Ken oversaw a wide range of programs including day care, headstart, tutoring, youth services, and a senior citizen center. He then moved on to become Executive Director of the Queens County Mental Health Society, the primary advocacy group for mental health issues in a borough of two million people. During Ken's tenure the agency helped reform Creedmore Hospital, generally considered a "warehouse for the mentally ill," and developed a narcotics prevention program for young adults.

New York City's foster care program was in crisis as children were being ferried in and out of a broken system, and Ken was selected to develop and run an experimental agency to break this cycle. The agency, called the Lower East Side Family Union, was so successful that it became the subject of a book that was used as a text at two of NYC's graduate schools of social work.

When Mayor Ed Koch took office, shortly after New York City's brush with bankruptcy, Ken was asked to join his administration as Assistant to the Mayor. His success at this job led to his appointment first as Deputy Commissioner and then as Commissioner for Economic Development of New York City. During his tenure as commissioner, his department accomplished a great deal, including the South Street Seaport development, the revitalization of Times Square, and conversion of the Brooklyn Army Terminal into an industrial complex.

After the mayor's re-election, Ken moved into investment banking, accepting a job with Lehman Brothers, Inc. as vice president for corporate finance. He worked on mergers and refinancings including the Gulf Oil's acquisition of Cities Service, which was the largest Lehman merger up to that time. The work was gratifying but extremely intense, and he found himself sacrificing too many other areas of his life, including his family life. When Ken explained his problem,--that he was very satisfied with his title and salary, but needed more flexibility so that he could schedule time with his family--Lehman responded by offering him more money and a better title. So Ken knew it was time to make another change.

He determined to start his own business, which would give his life flexibility and balance. He created a Affordable Living, focused on the development of housing for low income families and senior citizens, which succeeded in creating over a 1,500 units of low income housing.

Over the years, many people dissatisfied with the current careers or the direction of their lives asked Ken to share his experience and provide them with help in transitioning into new areas. To provide this assistance, Ken established Life Transformations, which offers coaching, consulting, assessments and workshops for individuals and groups.

Ken lives in Essex Fells, NJ with wife Wendy who he married in 1968. His daughter Cory is about to receive a masters degree in mental health counseling and his son Andy works in business marketing for the New Jersey Nets.